Non sedating antihistamines for allergic rhinitis

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An allergen is a type of antigen that produces an abnormally vigorous immune response in which the immune system fights off a perceived threat that would otherwise be harmless to the body. In technical terms, an allergen is an antigen capable of stimulating a type-I hypersensitivity reaction in atopic individuals through Immunoglobulin E (Ig E) responses.

Most humans mount significant Immunoglobulin E responses only as a defense against parasitic infections.

An allergic reaction can be caused by any form of direct contact with the allergen—consuming food or drink one is sensitive to (ingestion), breathing in pollen, perfume or pet dander (inhalation), or brushing a body part against an allergy-causing plant (direct contact).

Other common causes of serious allergy are wasp, fire ant and bee stings, penicillin, and latex.

These allergen antibodies migrate to mast cells lining the nose, eyes and lungs.

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One form of treatment is the administration of sterile epinephrine to the person experiencing anaphylaxis, which suppresses the body's overreaction to the allergen, and allows for the patient to be transported to a medical facility.Some symptoms that differentiate allergies from a cold include: Among seasonal allergies, there are some allergens that fuse together and produce a new type of allergy.For instance, grass pollen allergens cross-react with food allergy proteins in vegetables such as onion, lettuce, carrots, celery and corn.The immune system also has strong influence on seasonal allergies, since it reacts differently to diverse allergens like pollen.

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When an allergen enters the body of an individual that is predisposed to allergies, it triggers an immune reaction and the production of antibodies.

Canada recognizes all eight of the allergens recognized by the US, and also recognizes sesame seeds, The European Union additionally recognizes celery.