Hugs and dating barcelona milan en directo online dating

05-Oct-2017 14:56

Have you ever noticed how much better you feel after a good hug? Several studies have shown that oxytocin, a chemical that helps us feel happy, is created when we cuddle.It’s almost like our bodies want to reward us when we get close to others.Her broad knowledge and research on dating, relationships and nonverbal communication has made Katia a sought after media commentator, spokesperson and host.She has been interviewed over 800 times by media outlets worldwide.Now, as we reach our 50s and 60s, we have an opportunity to do the same with our health.

Even a friendly touch on the arm can positively change the way that we look at someone.

Hugs can increase our happiness and reduce the stress in our lives.

They can also help to reinforce our most important social bonds.

Katia works with companies, experts and individuals and is passionate about helping individuals and organisations to understand and improve their body language, relationships and ultimately their lives.

She is a dynamic speaker and trainer; delighting, engaging, motivating and educating audiences.Not every social situation is going to call for a bear hug.

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