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In the nine-minute video, they said that police had been “chasing us around like dogs” and that the last time they saw Loofe she was alive, despite what they were reading online. went to the casino and used the money that we sold her for.” [They met on a dating site and went bowling.“So far today, from the comments, we have apparently murdered this lady. It was a setup, police say, and now he’s dead.] Still, their self-produced videos didn’t paint them in the best light.Even if it did, users would be wary of putting sensitive information — a decade-old DUI, for example, or a teenage misdemeanor — on a site anyone could access.“The dating industry doesn’t have enough usable tools to date to be able to provide additional levels of comfort or confidence in the other person,” Evans told The Post.The pair insisted they had not done anything wrong.

They claimed to be cooperating with authorities but also described themselves as “on the run.” Boswell said she went by different names online, “because I have warrants.” But those things, they said, didn’t make them murderers. Three days after the arrests, Loofe’s family posted news of her death on the Facebook page they’d set up to help find her.

Nguyen’s credit cards were stolen but it was not clear if anything was taken from Soliman.

THIRD BOY SCOUT DEAD AFTER APPARENT ELECTROCUTION IN TEXAS “It is possible that there were other victims, or victims that did get away who could give us more information,” Mike Ritchie, the lead investigator, said Monday.

@Lincoln_Police say she was on her way to a date and her phone was last pinged in Wilber (about 40mi SW of Lincoln) Information: (402) 441-6000 JC3 — Bill Schammert (@Bill Schammert) November 17, 2017 In videos posted to You Tube, Boswell later detailed some of the date.

It had gone so well, she said, that they had talked about another outing to a nearby casino. Nguyen, a student studying hotel and restaurant management at the University of Houston, has not been seen since March 31.