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The men will be offered a cigar or a mini-bottle of wine and the women a little present - usually something which looks and smells nice.

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Portugal Women in Culture answers the following types of practical questions: Whether you are relocating to Portugal , studying the culture, doing business in the country, in need of an overview or more specifics, this informative report covers the bases.Women often occupy different roles in a foreign culture.Avoid offensive assumptions and behavior by understanding the position of women in Portuguese society: their legal rights; access to education and health care; workforce participation; and their dating, marriage, and family life.Call (US)1.800.833.8586 x3 or 707.778.1124 x3 for details.

This generalization doesn`t fit 20 million scandinavians. This does not apply to any danes i know (i am a dane), but its an interresting view you have on this topic. But the sleeping with a friend of the opposite gender i disagree on.

Bridesmaids are not a traditional part of Spanish weddings, but with Hollywood's influence, they are becoming so.