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25-Nov-2017 17:35

Shotguns are strange critters that do not always pattern well with the factory choke tubes.

Since I always pattern my shotguns on paper before hunting with them, I soon learn point of impact and pattern density.

In the Browning the choke entry measures .745 which is only a .004 jump.

This sure seems more conducive to uniform patterning. I'm rather disappointed at the poor tolerances displayed by the Benelli.

My big gripe is that there is a .014 jump between the bore and the choke entry. I routinely make bushings, sleeves and pins for various farm applications, and my tolerances are a lot better than that. I still don't understand why they would make such a tight bore on a gun designed to shoot large charges of big/hard shot at high velocity. They missed by .008 -- and on the wrong side (tight)!After all, these are the same iconic Tommy Guns that infamously “SLMPD originally purchased the Thompsons the height of the Great Depression and Prohibition to fight fire with fire.During the 1920s and 30s, law enforcement agencies scrambled to keep up with then-ubiquitous gangsters increasingly armed with the brutal and brash new American submachine gun.for an average of ,000 apiece to a Kentucky-based specialist tactical and patrol firearms company called Midwest Distributors.

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The sale of the legendary weapons will net the department 8,500 to update its current sidearms, but at the cost of some historic firepower.Randy, you're absolutely right about cryogenic treatment.

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