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Check the franchise directory list below to make sure your franchise opportunities are included.If not, send us your information and we will add your franchise opportunity to our list of franchises for sale.If not for that, I'd like to have a decant of this in my collection. Thankfully, I don't get much vanilla but detect some lovely citrus floral and woods. But it's just so aggressive on my nose, I feel you'd have to really love it to wear it all the time because it will be all you smell all day long. It must be a mix of water lily, mandarin, magnolia and freesia. Beautiful smell, probably originated first, then edp and other versions. I understand why its so long on the market, it always will be. Maybe they are not completely peach and a clear vanilla.This was the first Chanel I ever bought and I love it! That day you wake up and realize you've lost 5 pounds, the kids are making their own breakfast and your husband is washing the dishes. This is the perfume I imagine French ladies of the night wore centuries ago. An aromatic and not juicy peach with a citrusy facet and then some soft balmy vanilla, smoothening for the most part.World's Largest List of Franchise Opportunities There are many franchise directories you can choose from.Our franchise directory strives to list every single franchise available on Planet Earth.I tend to avoid fragrances with cedar as this note becomes high pitched with my skin chemistry (think D&G Light Blue). (Keeping this vague because so many ladies have left more detailed, wonderful reviews! one does not really know what note stands out and has the most presence. It is perfect to use everyday, as it essence is confident and in control of oneself.

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It was a leap of faith as they had no tester left and I just went by the notes listed here.

On my skin it opens with mellow peach vanilla followed by a prominent, but not offensive, cedar note. I am looking forward to using up a decant and then hopefully a bottle someday!

I sprayed this perfume at am and it is currently am in the night.

Even after a shower this perfume is still going strong.Several years ago I found myself becoming obsessed with the Chanel counter at my local department store. I wanted to treat myself to a bottle of Chanel perfume, but never got the courage to because I always played it safe when it came to scents. I ended up being gifted an Allure set and soon was the only perfume that I wore. Seeing it on here again I want to buy a bottle soon! I receive tons of compliments when wearing Allure, mainly from other women. I've been using it for years now and it hasn't lost its magic yet.

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