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Another excellent property of Blast- ing Getatine is the fact that it suffers practically no deterioral from contact with water. (3) The ascending and descending periods of variation will be, approximately, equal in duration. **■*** C P D - 4t \sjt /w •» r., r is sufficiently bright to manifest a seconders eclipse when the 1 Tighter companion gets it) front of it. The concrete core is 15 feet in depth, and is carried down to 8 feet below the river bed. The chemistry of nitro- cellulose belongs to that branch which we call obscure, but the 1 .joint which all manufacturers seek to arrive at in practice is to use as little nitrocellulose as possible in their Blasting Gelatine, ft would serve no useful purpose to inquire into the reasons for this, but I would only say that the health of the miner and immunity from accidents depend to a great extent on a - finally abandoned. (2) The full cycle of light changes "will be completed in a few days, sometimes in a few hours. The weir itself is 1,200 feet in length, and consists of a concrete wall or core backed by pitched rubble slopes on each side.We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. People who ought to know say that the wealth of France and its recuperative powers are almost entirely due to the splendid system of roads inaugurated by Napoleon, but no system of roads could ever do for France, or for any other country, what the railways are doing now all over the world. But although the problem does not admit of an absolute solution, it admits of a solution so nearly absolute that it is of im- portance to indicate what has been accomplished in this direction. We know that tidal action would tend to make all binary systems circle in ever- widening orbits, forming infinite spirals. R Sutton, MA Can i For the pmp QMi of this paper a daih " mean result 1 ' is under- l to be ihe average of twenty-four hour K phtervati ORfc It differs little from the true mean obtained bj a plani meter from an automatic nmtinuous record. There are no lakes in the Colony, but "pans' or depressions retain fresh t fat a while after rains, hut these become too brackish to he of ailj use even to cattle before they dry up. For a country so situated, the essential factor of its agricultural development, as well as the priraarj need oi all its com inanities* is water. the portion of the rainfall which rs off the surface, and the utilisation of the river waters, have so mam especial drawbacks in this Colony that of late years attention has been directed to the possibility of obtaining supplies from ih« i portion of the rainfall which percolates into the ground, and experi- nents in thai direction have met with such success that high hopes are entertained that a part of the much-needed supply can be procured from below the surface, instead of being caught upon i L L ADERGROIND WAT IK The advantages of natural l\ filtered water were so obvious that tbe only doubt remaining was whether it existed in sufficient volumes at depths below the surface from which it could be economically drawn, It was thought that, although there was plenty of porous rock in the Karroo formations, the position of the strata was not favourable, and that in other parts of the Colony the older rocks were not water bearing, but these theories have been proved to be incorrect. However, there can be little doubt but that great numbers of sites can be selected among the folded rocks of the pie-Karroo formation where flowing water could be successfully tapped by artesian wells at greater depths thill those reached up to the j) resent time. Maintain attribution The Google "watermark" you see on each file is essential for informing people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. Could South Africa be what it is to-day without railways, and can it progress industrially or commercially without them? 6g 62 25681 0151 •0164 77 48 — •0184 ■0167 TABLE III.— MEAN HOURLY VALUES OF "a" AT BLOEM- FONTEIN ON ioth FEBRUARY, 1903. If two stars revolve round one another in contact the stress ami strain of their mutual attraction will prodr ulerable deformation in both stars. The ordinary time of the observations made by voluntary observers for the Meteorological Commission is at present VIII. It was doubted ton whether boring would tap water which would rise to the surface of the ground, but all over the i ountry sites have been found where the n Ogical conditions ob- tain and excellent true artesian supplies result, sometimes spouting 15 to 30 feet above the surface, but not ►[ ajrj large volume. PUM FABLE WATER, With regard in water under ordinary conditions, standio.. Nitroglycerine, as I have already mentioned, freezes at about I2°C, and all explosives containing it are affected the same way. If two stars revolve round one another in such a manner that at ever) revolution each component comes between its companion star suu\ the earth, it is evident that the total light which comes from the system will undergo jeriodic and regular variation. Some 15 years ago an Irrigation Board was established At Warrenton on the Vaal River, and has been in existence since. 3*» said to be successful, but no data whatever as to its development or its present condition are available. When this stage is reached the nitroglycerine is simply mixed with it by hand, mvi then sifted several times to ensure thorough raixi Nitroglycerine Explosives 97 Some qualities of Kieselguhr will absorb as much as 80;,, nitro- glycerine, but about 75% is the average, and this is the proportion in which it is generally manufactured. Under the Acts enumerated above only two public schen so far been constituted. The theoretical pressure developed on explosion is much the same as in mtro-gl\cerine. 9 ._A CONSIDERATION OF CLOSE BINARY SYSTEMS IN RELATION TO LIGHT VARIATION. Thus, while the general type of variation is due to the common fact of uuon. If, BL * u 29 27 44-45 \ -2d 56 47 -h lo— 17 — 4# 4' 45'3 8 3Q 7 &-H-2 14— 9-55 -57—23 "3 An exhaustive examination of even the minutest details of these five typical light curves, Fig, 1, would prove of no ordinary interest. It ma\ be mentioned here that in the case of CPD — 41 45 11 tne hter star is six time* m*»re lustrous than the fainter star, although it is of the same size. Ueber einige arithmetische: Determinanten hoheren Ranges. The work was started in February, 1900, and would have been pleted about 12 months ago but for the abnormal flood of February, 1902, which did a great deal of damage to some of the minor works. TERMS USED, A* a doubt exists in the minds of man) whether there is a differ* limes holes have been bored into the earth to tap subterranean water confined, in porous strata, under sufficient hydros- tatic pressure to rise to the surface, and as wells of this description were first known in Europe in the French Province of Artois, the term 41 artesian implied originally a boring from which water flowed at the surface, Mr was spouted above it, like a fountain. crumbled by stupendous crustal movement, and thr^jh it have intruded the once molten masses from belov.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Fort) years ago, the idea of being a Wi to lame nitroglycerine to such an extent that it could be capable dl being used an instru- ment for industrial development was believed in by few. Irnj/lli of an arc of an ellipse, and the difference of the longitude t'l «mv point on the geodesic and the given point is expressed as an t Jliptif function of an angle connected with the corresponding I «» ., c / ., c \,--°- '-.—£-, and J ' ' v 1— t- cos-* i# sin'a 108 Report S. But when we carry our inspection one step further we find important differences between each one of the *ive curves. I nervals, when deposition ceased and was renewed under different conditions, have divided this great mass of strata, 6.000 feet thick, into three well-defined series, and these have been ua- r the places or districts in which they have been found typi rally developed- The first after the Dwyka or glacial conglomerate is I Ecca Beds, forming the Central Karroo, the next Karroo Beds ring the Nnnhmi Karroo, and the third, spreading over the Eastern Upland, Stormberg Beds.

Another form of nitro- cellulosr, generally known as Collodion Cotton, has come into great use, in photography principally, in the production of wet plates. When, however, any star revolves round another in an orbit whose plane is coincident, or nearly so. It was originally contemplated to start this as a Government scheme, and the route of the canal and the irrigable lain Is were surveyed, but the amounts asked as com- pensation by the owners through whose properties the canal was to pass were so large that the scheme hail to be abandoned.

Nitro-cellulose had been known and used for various purposes long before Nobel brought out his Blasting Gelatine* and about i860 the Austrian Government actually went to the length of deciding to adopt one form of it called Gun Cotton for small arms and field guns, Terrible accidents in Austria, as also in England, however, put a complete stop to these projects, but, as 1 have already remarked; it took a ' deal of danger to daunt Nobel. It is only when they move in such an orbit fhat at every revolution one or other of ihe two stars comes into the line of sight that eclipse takes place. The most successful scheme so far ia undoubtedly that of the Breede River Irrigation at Robertson.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. During the twelve months prior to the war, 12-15 million tons of gold-bearing rock were mined simply to put through the batteries, but it is impossible to estimate how many more millions were blasted in such work as shaft-sinking, development and prospecting. This discovery added new interest to the subject, and when one of us came to reside in Bloem- fontein, Dr. influence of attraction, tidal action and rotation, the curious are referred to Professo* Darwin'i dassir.d investigations. The furthest we cm go without the risk of making our equations indeterminate is to assume a spheroidal figure for the twin stars. The Station using the later morning hour of the two will, on account of the single observation, indicate a climate hotter and drier than the other. T., say), the eastern stations shew hotter and drier than the western, because of the difference between civil and apparent time. The Ecca Beds of the Central Karroo yield good supi at depths of 50 to 200 feet, and the liokkeveld Beds of the Southern Karroo at si ill greater depths, but the supplies tapped toward the coast line in the older rocks at these shallow depths are not so plentiful as in the Karroo.

Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. Notes on the Progress of Survey Operations in South Africa, by Sir David Gill, K. Gold has been the making of South Africa, and it will yet make it one of the wealthiest and most wonderful countries of the world. Beattie suggested that the study of atmospheric elec- tricity might, with great advantage, be carried on simultaneously in ■Cape Town and Bloemfontein. o *OOf)/ •oo8h •0061 •0086 •ooc)3 •0122 •01 o S •0080 0070 0091 0073 •0078 •0090 •0134 •01 in •0004 Afternoon. 1 B 9 I s o — a 1 E X 1 -ho — a 1902— Sept 57 61 — 'OU4 *OIl6 67 -M — ■0133 OI53 Oct. That is, we tul&te two unequal axes for each star* Interpreting the light changes of RR Centauri into orbital movement, with this limitation, we find that the system is oompoied of IWO st;irs. Figures of Equilibrium of Two Rotating Masses of Fluid almost ix contact. There is a further point, that evai where many stations use the same hour (VII L C. Thus, e.g., there is a difference of apparent time in*r ween Port Nolloth and Unitata of upwards of three-quarters of an hour; and it happens, consequently, that the VI IL observations at the former place are not far from 7,40 a.m., and the latter not far from 8. Since both tem|erature and humidity kit varying most rapidly on the tableland between these times, it follows that the results from each are not comparable until some allowance has been made for the variation. In Bechuanaland, the relations of the waterbearing strata are not clearly understood, as the general structure of the region has not been systematically examined, and the boring done then-, although in a measure successful, has I executed without sufficient knowledge of the geological conditions, while in the Transkeian Territories a sufficient number of boreholes has not 5 et been put down to afford an idea of the volume and depth of the supplies. You can search through the full text of this book on the web at jhttp : //books . We live in a white man's country, and must dream white man's dreams. present Rand is worked out, there will be plenty of scope for the ambitious in other directions. The method of using the instrument is as follows: — The distributor, as the inner •cylinder is called, is charged to a potential which can be known from the divergence of the leaves. The instrument is then exposed freely in the open air, but out of the direct rays of the sun. The similarity between the figures determined from pure obser- vation alone, and the theoretical figures derived from a consideration Close Binary Systems. The object of this communication is to give material for reducing these, as well as the temperatures, to a common standard of reference. The boreholes as yet put down, although admirable for the stock -farmer, are not large enough to be used for extensive irrigation.