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06-Nov-2017 06:01

If you bonded over food on your first date, this can be a natural fit for a second encounter.Whether you opt to make something simple or complex, this is a great way to see how compatible you are while working together to create something delicious.If you live somewhere you can take a ferry ride, rent a rowboat, or even hire a yacht for the day, go for it. When you’re coasting on waves, distractions fall away and you can truly focus on your connection.If you remember any of the sexiest things to say on a first date, you can legally become Captain Romance.Whether it’s your friends or theirs, some would argue that it’s never too early to introduce someone to your crew.Seeing how they mesh with your circle (or how they fit into their own) and deal with social situations can make you even more attracted to your date—or give you a heads up that they’re not the one.

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You’ll have the chance to get a little bit competitive and flirty, all while chatting in a low-pressure environment. Now’s the time to lock down a great encore performance that will lead to dates three, four, and potentially the rest of your life. And if you’ve just asked out someone you’ve only just met, we’ve got your covered, too. There’s something undeniably romantic about being on the water.

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