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Following her graduation, she entered "finishing school" at the Garland School in Boston.

But she eloped with Alfred Muller "Kayo" Sexton II after her first year.

Instant publication led to instant recognition that Sexton was a unique “confessional poet,” and in 1960 her first book of poems appeared.Anne was sent to boarding school at Rogers Hall in Lowell.She published poems in the school's little magazine but was not otherwise serious about her studies.The household included two older sisters, Jane and Blanche, and the children's Great-Aunt Anna Ladd Dingley ("Nana").

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When Anne was thirteen, her great-aunt suffered a nervous breakdown and was institutionalized; Anne blamed herself for Nana's illness, thinking that her sudden interest in boys had driven a wedge between their formerly close relationship (Middlebrook 15).Her performative abilities brought out the remarkably distinctive voices of the poems.

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