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I will probably catch up with Killjoys at some point and use it as a background noise while surfing. The shoestring budgets are so obvious on both shows.

And I'm not saying one can't enjoy Killjoys but personally I just haven't been able to be swept away by it at all even though I've given it a few chances. Dark Matter is often whole episodes of just groups of people in rooms talking.

Sy Fy seems to have given themselves over to every mediocre Canadian science fiction show that exists. Would've been an interesting twist if they would have made the character of his brother gay.

Killjoys is fun if you can overlook the low low low production values and get into it for the story & characters, which are interesting enough.

He is gorgeous but it is now is just extreamly very obvious he is straight. The Luke Macfarlane is straight troll has long hounded any discussion about him on this board. Sometimes I get the feeling that he is too private. He will be on Supergirl in the next few episodes, another Hallmark movie, PBS' Mercy Street in January, more than likely returning for The Night Shift and Killjoys will get a second season.

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He used to have a food blog back when he was on Brothers and Sisters with the help of a PA and you could tell it was a really big deal for him and he was so proud of himself for it. Killjoys is more fluff entertainment (bit of a Supernatural wannabe with Aaron Ashmore and Luke Macfarlane playing brothers and their keeping secrets from each other dynamic). For me it's interesting to watch how the cast members figure out who they are (their memories were erased for some unknown reason). But he immediately moved on to Wentworth Miller, so there's nothing wrong with his vision. R28 according to Wikipedia he came out in early 2008. Yes, that Luke Macfarlane, such an infamous famewhore fucking his way right to the - oh, wait.

I don't think he'll ever do a shoot like that, though. The entire cast of Killjoys is on Twitter promoting the show weekly except for him.

It was brought up in the Wentworth Miller thread that this year he will be busy with the Flash/Arrow /Legends..

His family isn't too far away so that's really cool for him.[quote]In my experience French Canadians are uncut but English speaking Canadians, and I've had a few, are all cut. Luke's Wikipedia now says that he's dating Wentworth Miller. I like Luke, he is gorgeous and seems like a good guy, but he is a fairly mediocre actor. I love Luke and think he's very cute and really great on Killjoys. He sticks out, like someone dressing up in period clothing. But like I said, he's really not that impressive in person.

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It's probably the worst performance I've ever seen him give by a wide margin. Cute but looks like any other ucla frat type but less masculine.series as well as the upcoming Prison Break mini-series.